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Beeching, Kate; Ghezzi, Chiara; Molinelli, Piera


Kate Beeching
Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics

Chiara Ghezzi

Piera Molinelli


Kate Beeching

Chiara Ghezzi

Piera Molinelli


This volume brings together contributions inspired by discussions that took place during the Panel “Positioning the self and others: Linguistic traces” which was held at the 14th IPrA Conference in Antwerp, 26–31 July 2015. Though much work has been done in the area of positioning in social psychology and in the field of identity construction, less work has been done on the linguistic markers which serve to position self and other(s) in a range of contexts. This volume, therefore, aims to fill this gap in the literature by focussing specifically on the linguistic means used to index the relationship between the self and other(s) in different types of communicative activity. The volume makes no claims to exhaustivity. The linguistic features which primarily emerged as relevant from the different contributions are:
(a) T/V address terms and vocatives, (b) pragmatic markers (c) code switching/code choice and (d) orthography. These elements relate, in the case of (a), to the conventionalised encoding of social hierarchies and power relations, in the case of (b), to stance-taking and social indexicalisation and, in the case of (c) and (d), to more broadly circulating language ideologies.

Publication Date Jul 1, 2018
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Pages 1-18
Series Title Pragmatics and Beyond New Series
Book Title Positioning the Self and Others
ISBN 9789027201126
APA6 Citation Beeching, K., Ghezzi, C., & Molinelli, P. (2018). Introduction. In K. Beeching, C. Ghezzi, & P. Molinelli (Eds.), Positioning the Self and Others (1-18). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Keywords introduction
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