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Continuous Tone Printing from Gel Matrices - The Woodburytype

Leech, Damien; Guy, Walter; Klein, Susanne


Damien Leech

Walter Guy

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Dr Susanne Klein
Associate Professor in EPSRC Manufacturing Fellow


Prevailing print techniques such as inkjet rely on halftoning, a process whereby image tone is approximated by a matrix of droplets varying in density. This, while useful in many applications, ensures a direct link between the resolution and the droplet size. The Woodburytype is one of the few reprographic techniques that can produce continous tone and is based on a relief structure of pigmented gelatin, that directly ties tone to print height. We discuss the prevalence of gelatin in many photographic/print processes, alternative gelling agents and present an optical model of these semi-transparent films for full colour print.


Leech, D., Guy, W., & Klein, S. (2020, March). Continuous Tone Printing from Gel Matrices - The Woodburytype

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Start Date Mar 16, 2020
Deposit Date Mar 18, 2020
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