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Dr Susanne Klein

Post Nominals Associate Professor, EPSRC Manufacturing Fellow
Biography Susanne Klein is an EPSRC manufacturing fellow and an associate professor at the Centre for Fine Print Research. She is a physicist by training and has lived and worked in the UK for the last 24 years. She studied physics in Germany and came as a Royal Society Research fellow to the University of Bristol where she worked on 19th century optics. In 1998 she joined Hewlett Packard Labs and specialised in liquid crystal display technology, new materials for 3D printing and optical cryptography. Her research interests now are 19th century photomechanical processes and their 21st century incarnations, especially Woodburytype and Lippmann photography. By adding surface structure to prints and recording and creating colour without dyestuff, she is aiming to encode additional information into a print which will allow new ways of artistic expression and, at the same time, the production of high quality prints for advertising, packaging and fashion with added security features. She is also exploring the interaction between maker and the materiality of the creation.
Research Interests Photography, Woodburytype, Lithography, Photogravure, Colour science, Structural Colour, Optics, Colloidal Chemistry, 2.5D Printing, Ink Making, Interaction between making and memory