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Voices in a Pandemic (VIP-CLEAR): Using deep mapping to explore children’s changing perceptions and experiences during COVID-19 ‘recovery’

McEwen, Lindsey; Webber, Amanda; Gorell Barnes, Luci; Gopinath, Deepak; Hobbs, Laura; Deave, Toity; Williams, Sara; Jones, Verity; Fogg Rogers, Laura


Lindsey McEwen
Professor in Environmental Management

Amanda Webber

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Toity Deave
Associate Professor in Child & Family Health

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Verity Jones
Associate Professor of Education

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Dr Laura Fogg Rogers
Associate Professor of Knowledge Exchange in Engineering


Children are unheard voices within the COVID-19 pandemic. We are unaware how intersections of complex factors in specific social settings have impacted their perceptions and are determining what ‘recovery’ means. ‘Voices in a Pandemic: Children’s Lockdown Experiences Applied to Recovery’ (VIP-CLEAR) has been working with four partner schools in Bristol, UK to explore how risk and mitigation strategies impacted the learning, development, health and wellbeing of children (6-11yrs) in socially disadvantaged areas in multicultural Bristol, UK. Working with a socially-engaged artist, we developed a sequence of creative, child-focused, active methodologies - a longitudinal ‘creative diary process’ - to encourage children to share their experiences. Our interdisciplinary research aimed to gather and critically evaluate their worldviews, perceptions and experiences so this evidence can support their involvement in 'recovery’. In our processes, we had concern for the otherness of children. This paper focuses on the first phase - deep mapping of ‘their world’ in the emergence of LOCKDOWN3. This was a two-stage mapping process - phase 1 followed phase 2 after elapse of 6-98 days. In face-to-face sessions, the children’s dialogue was captured using observational notetaking. This activity initially took place with >700 children between February-June 2021; we then analysed thematically a consented subset of 131 maps. Our analysis revealed large diversity in children’s experiences along varied continua - with implications for an individual child’s health and wellbeing. Strongest themes were:
• (re)connections-disconnections
• contraction-expansion;
• disempowerment-empowerment;
• presence-absence/loss;
• real worlds-imagined worlds.
Over the mapping timeline, we gained a unique window into changing worlds, and valued places (green; digital) and relationships (human; non-human). This research provides a valuable archive of children’s voices to inform policy/practice around adaptation to future social shocks.


McEwen, L., Webber, A., Gorell Barnes, L., Gopinath, D., Hobbs, L., Deave, T., …Fogg Rogers, L. (2022, December). Voices in a Pandemic (VIP-CLEAR): Using deep mapping to explore children’s changing perceptions and experiences during COVID-19 ‘recovery’. Presented at UK Alliance for Disaster Research Annual Conference 2022, Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI)

Presentation Conference Type Keynote
Conference Name UK Alliance for Disaster Research Annual Conference 2022
Conference Location Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI)
Start Date Dec 7, 2022
End Date Dec 8, 2022
Deposit Date Jan 18, 2023
Keywords COVID-19; COVID-19 Pandemic
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