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Biography I have been recognised as one of the world's top 2% of scientists in my field having extensive research experience working on multidisciplinary research projects, focused on analytical chemistry-based solutions for healthcare, food security, the environment, and the forensic sciences. I obtained a Ph.D. in the development of electrochemical sensors for the determination of heavy metal ions in environmental and potable water and have over 20 years of experience in the development of sensors and biosensors. Presently, I am focused on the development of unique areas of electrochemistry for application in the forensic sciences.

I have published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in both electroanalysis and chromatographic science and have an H Index of 28. My work is regularly recorded as the most highly downloaded material for any researcher from his faculty or research centre. My main research interests have been in the design, development, and application of electrochemical sensors using techniques such as; 3D-printing, screen-printing, and novel applications of recycled materials. I also have extensive experience in gas and liquid chromatography and sample preparation gained from my industrial experience in analytical research and development in the pharmaceutical and environmental water and food industries.
Research Interests Liquid chromatography with electrochemical, UV and MS detection for the determination of trace levels of drugs in the environment and biological fluids.

Chemical analysis related to forensic science.

Electrochemical techniques in conjunction with carbon screen and 3D printed and screen electrodes, silver and gold electrodes fabricated from compact discs for the determination of biologically and environmentally important compounds.‚Äč
Teaching and Learning Presently I am Module Leader for Instrumentational Analytical Science, Advanced Analytical Science, and Smart Sensing. I am responsible for the development, supervision, and assessment of undergraduate and postgraduate project students undertaking their final year laboratory-based research projects.
Scopus Author ID 6603380385