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Internal market orientation and strategy implementation

Ruizalba, J.; Soares, A.


J. Ruizalba


A. Casademunt


Managing People within organisations is a complex and intricate challenge much insight can be gained from complementing the mainstream trends with other research fields. This Chapter shall focus on the role Internal Marketing Orientation (IMO) as a key element that contribute to link the strategy design and its implementation. IMO is an emerging paradigm that enables organisations to focus on the needs and wants of their employees by defining them as primary internal clients. To have the right people in the right job is crucial. Hence the importance of strategic design and implementation. Consequently, in order to be successful, any decided strategic direction must rely first and foremost on the alignment of its employees with mission and overall corporate objectives: ultimately with its business model. This focus on internal clients, is what mainly makes possible the delivering of the promise of value offered by organizations and influences the management of human capital. It has been empirically analyzed how IMO contributes to improve job satisfaction and employees' commitment.

Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Pages 183-194
Book Title Strategic Labor Relations Management in Modern Organizations
ISBN 9781522503569
APA6 Citation Ruizalba, J., & Soares, A. Internal market orientation and strategy implementation. In A. Casademunt (Ed.), Strategic Labor Relations Management in Modern Organizations, 183-194. IGI Global Publishing House.
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