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The relational between spatial/motion perception and traits of visual vertigo

Powell, Georgie; Rushton, Simon K; Derry-Sumner, Hannah; Rajenderkumar, D; Clark, Kait; Bratton, Luke; Sumner, Petroc


Georgie Powell

Simon K Rushton

Hannah Derry-Sumner

D Rajenderkumar

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Dr Kait Clark
Lecturer in Psychology (Cognitive and Neuro)

Luke Bratton

Petroc Sumner


Visually-induced vertigo (‘visual vertigo’) is a condition where certain visual environments trigger dizziness and nausea. It is often attributed to dysfunction in visual-vestibular interaction, but the exact cause is unknown. We were interested in any linkage between visual vertigo and motion and spatial processing. In an initial study, we measured traits of visual vertigo and performance on a battery of visual tasks in a healthy population (n = 37). The battery included measures of motion perception and the area over which information is integrated (motion coherence; flanker; surround suppression), and the impact of task-irrelevant motion (visual search). It also included contrast sensitivity, orientation and shape judgements as indexes of general visual ability. We found that individuals with more visual vertigo traits showed stronger spatial suppression and had lower contrast sensitivity thresholds. No other tasks correlated with vertigo traits. Reliability checks (two sessions, two weeks apart) showed good reliability for some tasks (spatial suppression, orientation/shape judgements) but average to poor for others (motion coherence, flanker, visual search), which could have affected our ability to find a relationship with vertigo traits. Future work will test whether patients with a diagnosis of visual vertigo also show differences in these tasks.

Presentation Conference Type Poster
Start Date Sep 1, 2016
Publication Date Dec 1, 2016
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
APA6 Citation Powell, G., Rushton, S. K., Derry-Sumner, H., Rajenderkumar, D., Clark, K., Bratton, L., & Sumner, P. (2016, September). The relational between spatial/motion perception and traits of visual vertigo. Poster presented at European Conference on Visual Perception
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Additional Information Title of Conference or Conference Proceedings : European Conference on Visual Perception