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A different kind of urban

Lane, Liz


Liz Lane
Senior Lecturer in Music Tech - Comp and Performance


Like many, I had certain pre-conceptions about Milton Keynes when I first approached writing A different kind of urban; however, I have since had the good fortune to be guided into a deeper understanding of the many strands that make up this remarkable town. A recce visit with The Open University Choir conductor Bill Strang and lyricist Judi Moore in February 2017, both long-time residents, opened my eyes to a rich wealth of history when we visited key artefacts of the town (none of which I will divulge here, as it would take away from the excellent narrative of Judi’s lyrics!).

A different kind of urban is in five movements. The first, ‘1: what do we celebrate?’, outlines an introductory scene, whilst ‘2: Up in the air’ and ‘3: Down on the ground’ respectively showcase the work's main themes, inspired by the town's juxtaposition of old and new. The material within these two movements sets the tone for ‘4: In the heart’ and ‘5: An ending, but not the end’, where the themes are revisited, becoming more interlinked until they are at least in part merged at the music’s culmination. The lyrics of ‘4: In the heart’ are interpreted to give a sense of drawing things together, representing a more intimate and proud knowledge of the town.

The use of brass, too, plays a part in a representation of the complex and underlying layers of the town; becoming more substantial as the music progresses, evolving a relationship between choir and brass which in itself changes, just as the town has these past 50 years.


Lane, L. (2017). A different kind of urban

Other Type Composition
Publication Date Jan 1, 2017
Keywords choir, classical, choral, brass
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