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User and community expectations of the major road network (MRN)

Calvert, Thomas; Parkhurst, Graham; Parkin, John


Thomas Calvert
Research Fellow in Transport and Urban Planning

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John Parkin
Professor in Transport Engineering


The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund (RJRF)commissioned an ambitious two-year study of major roads in England with a horizon of 2040. There are seven topics of interest, and the first topic of interest has two tasks, one of which (Task 1C) is to identify user and community expectations of the network.
The present report provides information about two particular groups of people. The first group of people are users of the network, and these data are disaggregated by user type as follows: business, personal user, demographics and region of residence.
The second group of people are affected non-users of the network. Such people might be those who own residential properties or businesses situated near to major roads. The interest with this group relates to non-users’ concerns with the road network, and also the benefits that may accrue from being close to the network.
The next section provides an overview of the methods used by others to collect and analyse the data reviewed in the current report. This section also provides a brief critique of the methods of the main sources consulted. This is followed by a section which presents an analysis of the evidence and this is divided into two parts which address user expectations of and satisfaction with the Strategic Road Network (SRN), and the impacts of roads on non-users. We draw conclusions at the end.


Calvert, T., Parkhurst, G., & Parkin, J. User and community expectations of the major road network (MRN)

Report Type Project Report
Deposit Date Mar 25, 2019
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords road network, users, non-users
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