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Lane, Liz

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Liz Lane
Senior Lecturer in Music Tech - Comp and Performance


Call is made up of bugle calls, specifically infantry general calls, from the American Civil War. From the many calls available, these seemed to me some of the most aesthetically interesting in that they were used in day to day life; I envisaged that within the strictness of military routines and disciplines, there may well be the sense of one day fading into the other and it is with this concept in mind that Call is written.
The chosen bugle calls evolve and fade, taking the listener broadly on a journey from dawn to dusk. Some calls are heard in their entirety, whilst others are merged and combined. Two calls, the Sick Call and Church Call, are used as a reiterative motif; the Sick Call often contemplatively and the Church Call heard in parts and as a whole, binding everything together.
The physical movement of players, starting in one place and ending in another, signifies camaraderie, support and teamwork.


Lane, L. Call

Other Type Composition
Publicly Available Date Jun 6, 2019
Keywords trumpet, horn, trombone, bugle, civil war calls
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