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Method for memory consistency among heterogeneous computer components

Hower, Heather; Hill, Mark; Wood, David; Gaster, Benedict; Hechtman, Blake; Beckmann, Bradford


Heather Hower

Mark Hill

David Wood

Benedict Gaster
Associate Professor in Physical Computing

Blake Hechtman

Bradford Beckmann


A method, computer program product, and system is described that determines the correctness of using memory operations in a computing device with heterogeneous computer components. Embodiments include an optimizer based on the characteristics of a Sequential Consistency for Heterogeneous-Race-Free (SC for HRF) model that analyzes a program and determines the correctness of the ordering of events in the program. HRF models include combinations of the properties: scope order, scope inclusion, and scope transitivity. The optimizer can determine when a program is heterogeneous-race-free in accordance with an SC for HRF memory consistency model . For example, the optimizer can analyze a portion of program code, respect the properties of the SC for HRF model, and determine whether a value produced by a store memory event will be a candidate for a value observed by a load memory event. In addition, the optimizer can determine whether reordering of events is possible.

Inventors Derek R. HOWER, Mark D. Hill, David Wood, Steven K. Reinhardt, Benedict R. Gaster, Blake A. Hechtman, Bradford M. Beckmann,


Hower, H., Hill, M., Wood, D., Gaster, B., Hechtman, B., & Beckmann, B. (2014). Method for memory consistency among heterogeneous computer components. US 20140337587 A1

Publication Date Nov 13, 2014
Keywords weak memory models
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Additional Information Patent Applicant : Benedict R. Gaster

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