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Evaluation of a work-based learning university module for healthcare professionals working in cancer care

Armoogum, Julie; Potter-Libby; Fairhurst-Joanna; Bruce-Lyn; Leloch-Daniella; Armoogum-Julie; Warn-Clive





Clive Warn
Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing


Work-based learning offers a means of linking theory to practice and of valuing practice, as an integral part of professional and clinical education.
The evidencing work-based learning (EWBL) module enables Macmillan professionals to take forward a project within their own workplace with the aim of improving patient care. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it has been successful, and many projects devised through the module have been implemented, with subsequent improvement and innovations in clinical service. However, to date the programme has had no formal evaluation. Libby Potter at Macmillan engaged an external HEI to undertake an independent evaluation of the EWBL module.

Objectives and Method:

1. To determine, through an e-survey
o Demographic profiles of learners
o motivations and aspirations for taking the module;
2. To determine, through an e-survey, the following:
o Learners perspectives on the impact of taking the module on services.
o Impact on individuals themselves (professionals);
3. To explore and demonstrate, through qualitative case studies the impact of the module for services from the perspectives of those who have completed and implemented the applied project in their work setting


The combined findings of the e-survey and telephone interviews provides excellent support for the utility and scope of the EWBL modules. Participants rated their experiences of taking part highly; with particular emphasis on improvements to their self-confidence, and their ability to provide evidence-based practice. They valued the opportunity to learn, and to share their learning with peers and patients. There is a particular appreciation for the promotion of person-centredness, which participants acknowledge as being a driving force behind their own practice, and the experience of their patients. Key learning highlighted by responders included project management, academic skills and managing change or transformation. They saw the consequences of the module as being evidenced in patient empowerment, and increases to practitioner efficiency.


Armoogum, J., Potter-Libby, , Fairhurst-Joanna, , Bruce-Lyn, , Leloch-Daniella, , Armoogum-Julie, , & Warn-Clive, . (2020, November). Evaluation of a work-based learning university module for healthcare professionals working in cancer care. Poster presented at UK Oncology Nursing Society Conference

Presentation Conference Type Poster
Conference Name UK Oncology Nursing Society Conference
Start Date Nov 19, 2020
End Date Nov 21, 2020
Deposit Date Nov 3, 2020
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