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Jewellery ± Scent x Science = Alchemy?

Boons, Sofie


Sofie Boons


Contemporary jewellers are considered artists of the miniature sentiment and crafters of the wearable statement. Outside the realm of status and commodity, jewellery can be used to visualise the intangible and conceptual, creating objects and adornments that ask wearers to think, audiences to ask and all to discuss.

Through an insight into my practice as Alchemical Jeweller you will be taken on a journey to find solutions for the representation of the ephemeral and intangible. Work ranging from; a new material containing gold nanoparticles; a recipe book of solid perfumes; scent containers that rethink the wearing and application of perfume; and more, can be can be heard – seen – touched – smelled (but not eaten).


Boons, S. (2020, July). Jewellery ± Scent x Science = Alchemy?. Presented at Print and Book Festival, Bristol

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Conference Name Print and Book Festival
Conference Location Bristol
Start Date Jul 20, 2020
End Date Aug 3, 2020
Deposit Date Dec 7, 2020
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