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Critical career competencies of entrepreneur immigrants in an extreme context

Arman, Gamze



Aims and Objectives : The present study explored the adjustment process of a unique group of Turkish entrepreneur immigrants in the United Kingdom, whose initial experiences upon their move were disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. Key career competencies serving as facilitating or hindering factors for entrepreneur immigrants were defined, building on an in-depth analysis of the context. The study represents the first effort to adopt the career capital framework (Arthur et al., 1999; DeFilippi and Arthur, 1996; Inkson and Arthur, 2001) to identify the critical competencies of entrepreneur immigrants.
Method : Ten semi-structured interviews were conducted to explore this immigrant group’s experience on the path to potential immigration success or failure as indicators of adjustment. The content of the interviews was analyzed via theoretical thematic analysis.
Results : Key facilitating competencies for entrepreneur immigrants under the unique conditions of Covid-19 were defined as knowing why they left the home country, preferred the host country and should persist to stay there, and how to revise the business plans when needed. Key hindering factors (due to lack of the relevant competencies) were defined as not knowing how to start a business (particularly under extreme conditions), whom to contact in the host country, and why they should persist to stay.
Conclusion : The findings reveal the impact of context and are expected to guide further research on immigrants in different contexts facing varying degrees and types of crises.


Arman, G. (2023, July). Critical career competencies of entrepreneur immigrants in an extreme context. Paper presented at 18th European Congress of Psychology, Brighton

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Conference Name 18th European Congress of Psychology
Conference Location Brighton
Start Date Jul 3, 2023
End Date Jul 6, 2023
Deposit Date Feb 21, 2024
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