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Economy, an introduction (2016)
Presentation / Conference
Rich, K. (2016, September). Economy, an introduction. Presented at The Artist Commoner

Macroeconomics workshop for artists

Feral Trade network (2016)
Presentation / Conference
Rich, K. (2016, April). Feral Trade network. Presented at Yet Another Way of Sharing the Pie: An Afternoon with Alternative Economies

Art & economics

The ecology of supply (2016)
Book Chapter
Rich, K. (2016). The ecology of supply. In B. Fortune, & L. Skou (Eds.), Your Money or Your Life: Feminist Perspectives on Economy #1-4Half Letter Press

Artist and trader, Kate Rich, presents her ongoing project Feral Trade. She writes, “Feral Trade is a grocery business, art endeavour, and long range economic experiment trading goods over social networks and outside commercial systems.”

Suicide box
Digital Artefact
Jeremijenko, N., & Rich, K. (1996). Suicide box

Bureau of Inverse Technology (1996), single channel video