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Open Science: A New "Trust Technology"? (2012)
Journal Article
Grand, A., Wilkinson, C., Bultitude, K., & Winfield, A. F. (2012). Open Science: A New "Trust Technology"?. Science Communication, 34(5), 679-689.

The emerging practice of open science, which makes the entire process of a scientific investigation available, could extend membership of the research community to new, public audiences, who do not have access to science's long-established trust mech... Read More about Open Science: A New "Trust Technology"?.

Robot thought (2005)
Exhibition / Performance
Burnet, F., Johnson, B., Bultitude, K., & Winfield, A. F. Robot thought. 1 March 2005 - 31 July 2006. (Unpublished)

Robot Thought is a performance piece designed to promote discusion amongst 5 -11 year old children and their families of the role that robots already play and might play in society. It was first performed at Explore, Bristol's interactive science cen... Read More about Robot thought.