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BARCELONA: Transformations of a dominant culture

Royo, Arcadio; Marco, Elena; Molina, Juana Maria


Arcadio Royo

Juana Maria Molina


This video presents the dual identity of the city of Barcelona as a model of sublime urban success and at the same time a struggling dissident city. It focuses on Les Rambles as the epitome of hyperrealism within the city, where the tourists are sold what they think is the 'real' Barcelona. But where they actually encounter another reality, where the prostitutes, illegal hawkers, pickpockets and police are the main characters that dominate the urban experience of the tourist.

Digital Artefact Type Video
Publication Date Nov 21, 2013
APA6 Citation Royo, A., Marco, E., & Molina, J. M. (2013). BARCELONA: Transformations of a dominant culture
Keywords Barcelona, culture
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