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Developing an injury prevention photosphere

Deave, Toity; Whale, Katie; Whiskard, Harry; Hicks, Ben; Emond, Alan


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Toity Deave
Associate Professor in Child & Family Health

Katie Whale

Harry Whiskard

Ben Hicks

Alan Emond


Burn and scald injuries in children are common in the UK; 50,000 children under 14 years old attend emergency departments (EDs) annually. Approximately 70% of these children are under three years old, injuries are likely to occur in the home and these children are also more likely to re-attend with a further injury. Health visitors (HVs) have no guideline or tool for contacts with families post-injury. Therefore, we are developing an intervention to support and standardise HV practice with consequent improvements in family-centred care.

We have worked with HVs and parents to develop a demonstration photosphere for an ‘unsafe’ kitchen, living room and bathroom with hazards labelled invisibly. These can be identified by the user by hovering the cursor over the hazard or clicking it. This ‘identifies’ the hazard and leads to a positive prevention message, some incidence/epidemiological data and links to resources for further information. A quiz is included and a poster can be generated.

The modified photosphere environment enables a hi-resolution three-dimensional photorealistic view of rooms to be constructed from a scene scan using a standard mobile phone camera. We have received highly positive feedback from HVs and potential users.

This work supports ‘A Best Start in Life for all children’; we believe this interactive photosphere is underpinned by an evidence-base and will help to prevent injuries that have lifelong physical and psychological problems and is expensive for both the NHS and families.

We will demonstrate the photosphere, the different elements within it and discuss potential uses.


Deave, T., Whale, K., Whiskard, H., Hicks, B., & Emond, A. (2018, March). Developing an injury prevention photosphere. Presented at iHV Evidence-based practice conference Promoting “The Best Start in Life”, Manchester, England

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Conference Name iHV Evidence-based practice conference Promoting “The Best Start in Life”
Start Date Mar 7, 2018
End Date Mar 7, 2018
Acceptance Date Mar 7, 2018
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Keywords child injury prevention, health visitors, photosphere, co-development
Additional Information Title of Conference or Conference Proceedings : iHV Evidence-based practice conference Promoting “The Best Start in Life”


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