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Engineering Simulations as Scientific Instruments: A Pattern Language

Stepney, Susan; Polack, Fiona A.C.; Alden, K; Andrews, P.S.; Bown, J.L.; Droop, A; Greaves, R.B.; Read, M; Sampson, A.T.; Timmis, J; Winfield, Alan F.


Susan Stepney

Fiona A.C. Polack

K Alden

P.S. Andrews

J.L. Bown

A Droop

R.B. Greaves

M Read

A.T. Sampson

J Timmis


This book describes CoSMoS (Complex Systems Modelling and Simulation), a pattern-based approach to engineering trustworthy simulations that are both scientifically useful to the researcher and scientifically credible to third parties. This approach emphasises three key aspects to this development of a simulation as a scientific instrument: the use of explicit models to capture the scientific domain, the engineered simulation platform, and the experimental results of running simulations; the use of arguments to provide evidence that the scientific instrument is fit for purpose; and the close co-working of domain scientists and simulation software engineers.

In Part I the authors provide a managerial overview: the rationale for and benefits of using the CoSMoS approach, and a small worked example to demonstrate it in action. Part II is a catalogue of the core patterns. Part III lists more specific “helper” patterns, showing possible routes to a simulation. Finally Part IV documents CellBranch, a substantial case study developed using the CoSMoS approach.


Stepney, S., Polack, F. A., Alden, K., Andrews, P., Bown, J., Droop, A., …Winfield, A. F. (2018). Engineering Simulations as Scientific Instruments: A Pattern Language. Springer International Publishing.

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Nov 1, 2018
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Book Title Engineering Simulations as Scientific Instruments: A Pattern Language
ISBN 9783030019372
Keywords simulation, complex systems modelling
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