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Double O

Mosley, Jonathan; Warren, Sophie


Sophie Warren


Dimensions: 390cm x 390cm x 50cm

Materials: Motorcycle donut, vinyl, monitor and silent moving image loop

The rider performs a donut as a perfectly shaped ‘O’ in an urban location. By rotating the motorbike around the front wheel in a continuous motion he burns a thick circular mark in rubber on the tarmac. ‘Double O’ focuses on the illicit and fleeting activity of burning circular skid marks within the city and translates it through a spatial installation and video loop into an endless silent action governed by the logics of the gallery space.‘Double O’ intervenes within ‘Doing Things Separately Together’ as both a drawing and articulation of the city at the scale of 1:1

Exhibited: Arnolfini, Bristol within ‘The Promise’ exhibition 19th July – 9th November 2014 with artists/architects: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Assemble, Charlotte Moth, Gabriel Lester, Isa Genzken , Jennifer Kabat, Jeremiah Day, John Miller, Jonathan Mosley, Josef Strau, Judith Hopf, Kate Newby, Lost Property, Marcel Breuer, Oscar Tuazon, Sophie Warren, Stephen Willats, Studio Manuel Raeder, muf.

Camera: Charlotte Crewe, rider: Lee

Physical Artefact Type Artefact
Start Date Jul 18, 2014
Publication Date Jul 18, 2014
APA6 Citation Mosley, J., & Warren, S. (2014). Double O
Keywords mapping, participatory artwork, architecture, urbanism, cultural activism, contemporary art
Publisher URL
Additional Information Corporate Creators : Arnolfini


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