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Spiral Graph

Parraman, Carinna



Stereo printed surface pattern, showing the offsetting of the red and turquoise spiral forms. Using red-blue stereo glasses, the black shapes will appear to float above the picture plane.

Exhibited as part of Wallpaper – Artist’s Interior Worlds, London Print Studio, 13th September until Saturday 1st November 2014, curated by: Matthew Meadows, John Phillips and Nadia Yahiaoui.

Physical Artefact Type Artefact
Publication Date Sep 1, 2014
APA6 Citation Parraman, C. (2014). Spiral Graph
Keywords three-dimensional stereo printing, new materials, guilloché, lenticular patterns, illumination
Publisher URL,2QGUV,59TGBJ,9YQ3L,1
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