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Is it possible to work out the lateral migration of preserved fluvial system through outcrop?

Beaumont, Hazel



While channel migration has been the subject of many studies e.g. Bristow 1987, Best et al., 1993; Nardin et al., 2013; where migration has either been considered at a macro-scale with timeslices on seismic data or at a micro- scale on one or two meander bars, with little completed at the meso-scale, i.e. the outcrop scale. The Old Red Sandstone is a well-documented fluvial system that borders between low and high sinuosity where the outcrops throughout South Wales exhibit exceptional exposure, enabling reconstructions of past environments to be constrained. Classic sedimentological techniques along with modern observation and analysis techniques have been undertaken extensively at these outcrops in order to determine the channel migration.
Here we have developed a new series of palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, from facies analysis and the use of Landsat images in order to highlight the temporal and spatial changes within the system to constrain the dynamics and migration of the fluvial system. Databases will be used to compare morphologies with modern systems, in order to inform the most likely facies and architectures within the system. This data will be used in order to help determine the meso-scale information that is currently missing from the scientific community. This data will generate generic migration models of high and low sinuosity fluvial systems and how they migrate using evidence from outcrop only which will be able to be used against core data.


Beaumont, H. (2019, December). Is it possible to work out the lateral migration of preserved fluvial system through outcrop?. Poster presented at British Sedimentological Research Group, University of Royal Holloway London

Presentation Conference Type Poster
Conference Name British Sedimentological Research Group
Conference Location University of Royal Holloway London
Start Date Dec 13, 2019
End Date Dec 15, 2019
Deposit Date Jun 18, 2020
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