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Low-Carbon Permeable Pavement Drainage Infrastructure: Potential Applications for Stormwater Management

Tota-Maharaj, Kiran; Aziba , Agatha


Agatha Aziba


Ernest O. Nnadi


Rapid urbanisation and industralisation across the world is demanding infrastructure and construction to increase especially within the transportation sectors. The large amounts of construction materials required for construction and maintenance of pavements especially cement continues to rise unsustainably. Continued use of traditional materials within pavements requires a heavy reliance on construction materials and emits a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2). Currently, there are not enough infrastructure projects and countermeasures for pavements that has been implemented to realise a low carbon-dematerilisation sector within low-traffic road and pavements industries. This study assesses the efficiency of low-carbon permeable pavements in terms of its structural integrity and hydrological performance. The reduction of the carbon content and carbon footprint in relation to the materials used for construction and maintenance of permeable pavements is appraised. Durability tests were carried out according to the ASTM-C140 standards and the infiltration test for stormwater management. The results obtained from the test were analysed and used to make recommendations that low carbon pavements have the ability to perform as well as typical permeable pavements as long as the appropriate low carbon or recycled materials are used in its construction.

Publication Date 2019-11
Publisher Nova Science Publishers
Pages 269- 313
Book Title Stormwater: Sources, Monitoring and Management
Chapter Number 9
ISBN 978-1-53616-162-5
APA6 Citation Tota-Maharaj, K., & Aziba, A. (2019). Low-Carbon Permeable Pavement Drainage Infrastructure: Potential Applications for Stormwater Management. In E. O. Nnadi (Ed.), Stormwater: Sources, Monitoring and Management, (269- 313). Nova Science Publishers
Keywords permeable pavement systems (PPS), low-carbon infrastructure, stormwater management, carbon footprint, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
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