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Behavioural parameters for CAVs

Chaudhry, A; Sha, H; Boghani, H; Thomas, P; Quddus, M; Brackstone, M; Tympakianaki, A; Bin, H; Glaser, S; Papazikou, Evita; Haouari, R; Singh, M; Morris, Andrew

Behavioural parameters for CAVs Thumbnail


A Chaudhry

H Sha

H Boghani

P Thomas

M Quddus

M Brackstone

A Tympakianaki

H Bin

S Glaser

Evita Papazikou

R Haouari

M Singh

Andrew Morris


This document was created as part of the Levitate project. The purpose of this document is to define the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) parameter sets for driving logics that are used in the Levitate project. The behaviour parameter sets are based on the microscopic traffic simulation software Aimsun Next (Aimsun, 2021). The assumptions on CAV parameters and their values were based on a comprehensive literature review, including both empirical and simulation-based studies (e.g., Cao et al., 2017; Eilbert et al., 2019; Goodall yet al., 2020; de Souza et al., 2021; Shladover et al., 2012), as well as discussions in meetings with experts, conducted as part of Levitate project.


Chaudhry, A., Sha, H., Boghani, H., Thomas, P., Quddus, M., Brackstone, M., …Morris, A. (2022). Behavioural parameters for CAVs. European Commission

Report Type Project Report
Online Publication Date Jul 28, 2022
Publication Date Jul 1, 2022
Deposit Date Jul 4, 2024
Publicly Available Date Jul 5, 2024
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