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To investigate the biomechanical and physiological effects of Lycra sleeve on the upper limb in healthy adults

Kumar, Praveen; Stokes, Adam; Barber, Kieran; Hockey, Harriet; Harris, Ben; Ho, Jeffrey; Brooks, Michael


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Dr Praveen Kumar
Associate Professor in Stroke Rehabilitation

Adam Stokes

Kieran Barber

Harriet Hockey

Ben Harris

Jeffrey Ho

Michael Brooks


Previous studies have shown beneficial effects of a Lycra arm sleeve in people with stroke (PwS), however, the mechanism of these effects is unclear. The aim was to investigate the effects of a Lycra arm sleeve on pressure, temperature, range of movement, and muscle activity using a prototype measurement system on the upper limb (UL) in healthy adults prior to testing on PwS.
This was a cross-sectional crossover study. Data was collected on Grip Strength (GripAble), muscle activity in shoulder muscles (Electromyography- EMG), proprioception (during UL reaching task), temperature sense (BOJACK TMP36 3 Pin Temperature Sensor) and pressure (a custom-built cuff with two pneumatic pouches and sensors) with and without a lycra sleeve.
Sixteen healthy individuals (M=7, F=9) with a mean age of 25±7 years were recruited. Without sleeve, the mean EMG activity, temperature, grip strength, and joint position sense were 1.155 volts (±0.058), 32.5°C (±5.9), 20.8kg (±9.6) and 58.1mm (±31.5). Corresponding values with ‘sleeve on’ were 1.213V (±0.178), 34°C (±5.3), 21.1kg (±9) and 50.8mm (±29) respectively.
Changes were recorded with ‘sleeve on’ in the majority of biomechanical and physiological parameters tested in young healthy people. The prototype needs refinement and testing in PwS in future studies.


Kumar, P., Stokes, A., Barber, K., Hockey, . H., Harris, B., Ho, J., & Brooks, M. (2023, December). To investigate the biomechanical and physiological effects of Lycra sleeve on the upper limb in healthy adults. Poster presented at UK Stroke Forum, Birmingham

Presentation Conference Type Poster
Conference Name UK Stroke Forum
Conference Location Birmingham
Start Date Dec 4, 2023
End Date Dec 6, 2023
Deposit Date Apr 22, 2024
Keywords Stroke, Lycra Arm sleeve, Biomechanical, physiological, proprioception, Temperature
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