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Changing travel behaviour

Goodwin, P B; Cairns, S; Dargay, J; Hanly, M; Parkhurst, Graham; Stokes, G; Vythoulkas, P


P B Goodwin

S Cairns

J Dargay

M Hanly

G Stokes

P Vythoulkas


The Transport Studies Unit, established since 1973 at Oxford University, was awarded the status of a designated research centre of the ESRC from 1994 to 2004. The research programme, initially focussed on traffic growth and the development of dynamic methodologies, was launched at a Linacre Lecture in Oxford which attracted much press attention for its comments on induced traffic. The Unit transferred to University College London in January 1996. After a successful mid-term review, the second five year programme focussed on the process of behavioural change and appraisal tools. ESRC funding and designation came to an
end in September 2004 with an exceptionally well-attended final event in London on ‘Changing Travel Behaviour', which constituted a suitably unifying theme bringing together a large proportion of the Unit’s research projects. The report was produced to accompany this event.


Goodwin, P. B., Cairns, S., Dargay, J., Hanly, M., Parkhurst, G., Stokes, G., & Vythoulkas, P. (2004). Changing travel behaviour

Report Type Project Report
Publication Date Sep 1, 2004
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords changing travel behaviour
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