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Biodiversity Litigation


Guillaume Futhazar

Sandrine Maljean-Dubois


Biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented speed and urgent action is needed at all levels. Noting the growing influence of climate change litigation as an emerging legal trend, this volume proposes a sidestep: if climate change litigation is so abundantly commented on, then what can be said about biodiversity litigation? To explore this topic, two questions were asked. First, what is the influence of international biodiversity law on biodiversity litigation? Second, what are the trends of biodiversity litigation? In this book, leading experts from around the globe joined us to answer these questions. The chapters in this volume offer an insight on the protean and vast ensemble that is biodiversity litigation. These various findings have been gathered and synthesized to offer an overview of biodiversity litigation in 2022. This book investigates the respective issues arising in the field of biodiversity litigation from different legal perspectives. With this project, it is hoped to promote the concept of biodiversity litigation as a common notion of environmental law. This will allow a refinement of the studies of environmental litigation and open up the space for more creative legal thinking when dealing with and analysing biodiversity-related disputes.

Book Type Edited Book
Online Publication Date Dec 15, 2022
Publication Date Dec 8, 2022
Deposit Date Jan 10, 2023
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780192865465
Keywords Comparative environmental law, biodiversity law, international biodiversity law, environmental litigation, nature protection, Public International Law Environment and Energy Law
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