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Accelerometers - Embedded lycra sleeves to test wear compliance and upper limb activity in people with stroke: a feasibility study - UK Stroke Forum 2021

Kumar, Praveen; Leake, Jason; Brodie, Shannon; Molton, Jennifer; O'Reilly, Rosie; Pearce, Alex; Steele, Jade; Caleb-Solly, Praminda


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Dr Praveen Kumar
Associate Professor in Stroke Rehabilitation

Jason Leake
Hourly Paid Demonstrator - E - FET - EDM - UEDM0000

Shannon Brodie

Jennifer Molton

Rosie O'Reilly

Alex Pearce

Jade Steele

Praminda Caleb-Solly


Background: To establish a possible effect of Lycra sleeves, accurate recording of wear time is critical. The aim of this study was to test whether an accelerometer-embedded Lycra sleeve can measure wear compliance and record upper limb (UL) movements/activity in people with stroke. Methods: A convenience sample of seven adults with stroke resulting in unilateral UL weakness were approached. Participants wore accelerometer-embedded Lycra sleeve on their affected arm for 8-10 hrs/day for 14 days and were prescribed four simple upper limb exercises. They completed a diary to record daily sleeve wear time and exercise times. Upper limb function, shoulder muscle strength, range of movement and pain were assessed at day 1 and 14. Results: Seven participants were approached and five participants (72±10 years) were recruited. Mean time since stroke was 20 months. Using an acceleration movement threshold of 0.01g (g=acceleration of gravity) and the constructed algorithm the sleeve donning and doffing time was identified. Mean accelerometer and diary recorded wear time were 11.64 hours/day (SD 2.64) and 11.27 hours/day (SD2.03) hours/day respectively. Individual spikes above threshold indicated UL activity but could not distinguish participant-recorded exercises from daily UL use. Arm function showed improvement in three out of five participants. Conclusions: Accelerometers provide a practical method to record wear-time of a Lycra sleeve, overcoming the necessity for patients to keep diaries, which can often be unreliable. A more sensitive accelerometer, which can detect the direction of the acceleration and movement should be considered in future study. Clinical Relevance: Accelerometers provide accurate data on Lycra sleeve wear-time and may help with monitoring adherence.


Kumar, P., Leake, J., Brodie, S., Molton, J., O'Reilly, R., Pearce, A., …Caleb-Solly, P. (2021, November). Accelerometers - Embedded lycra sleeves to test wear compliance and upper limb activity in people with stroke: a feasibility study - UK Stroke Forum 2021. Presented at UK Stroke Forum Conference, 2021, Telford, UK and online

Presentation Conference Type Speech
Conference Name UK Stroke Forum Conference, 2021
Conference Location Telford, UK and online
Start Date Nov 28, 2021
End Date Dec 2, 2021
Deposit Date Dec 26, 2022
Keywords Accelerometers; Lycra sleeve; Stroke; UK Stroke Forum
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