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H2S and NO signalling in plants

Lisjak, M; Spoljarevic, M; Wood, M. E.; Whiteman, M; Wilson, Ian D.; Hancock, John T.; Teklic, T


M Lisjak

M Spoljarevic

M. E. Wood

M Whiteman

Ian D. Wilson

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John Hancock
Professor in Cell Signalling

T Teklic


Besides already well known actions in animal organisms and described effects on stomata closing in plants, nitric oxide (NO) has an influence on seed dormancy, flower development, root gravitropism, gene expression, plant defence reactions in pathogen attack, photomorphogenesis, Zn-excess tolerance, antioxidative protection from UV-B radiation etc. Similar issues are now being addressed with regards to hydrogen sulphide (H2S). A body of literature exists which shows that H2S can affect the growth of plants, but more recent work has been published that suggests that H2S is a more fundamental molecule which is produced by plants and used to control different plant functions. Known as a signalling molecule in both animal and human tissues, H2S participates in signalling crosstalk in plants during stress, helping them to overcome unfavourable growth conditions through an increase of stress enzymes' activity, preventing membrane destruction and enhancing accumulation of osmo-protective metabolites such as proline. It is probably the interaction of H2S with metabolism of other reactive species which accounts for many of the effects seen. Furthermore, we showed that H2S mediates stomatal opening using A thaliana L. and Capsicum annuum L. plants as model systems. Using a specific NO fluorescence probe it was shown that H2S reduced NO accumulation to a large extent, which may account for the effects of H2S seen.

Further research should reveal if the interactions of H2S and NO signalling pathways may regulate some other metabolic responses in plants as, well, with possible influence of H2S on plant productivity and quality.


Lisjak, M., Spoljarevic, M., Wood, M. E., Whiteman, M., Wilson, I. D., Hancock, J. T., & Teklic, T. (2015, June). H2S and NO signalling in plants. Presented at 2nd International Conference on Plant Biology, Petnica, Serbia, Russia

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Conference Name 2nd International Conference on Plant Biology
Conference Location Petnica, Serbia, Russia
Start Date Jun 17, 2015
End Date Jun 20, 2015
Publication Date Jun 1, 2015
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, plant signalling
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Additional Information Title of Conference or Conference Proceedings : 2nd International Conference on Plant Biology