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UK National Ecosystem Assessment follow-on: Synthesis of key findings

Albon, Steve; Turner, Kerry; Watson, Bob; Anger, Annela; Baker, Julia; Bateman, Ian; Bentley, Sarah; Blyth, Nick; Bowles-Newark, Nadine; Brown, Claire; Brown, Iain; Byrne, James; Church, Andrew; Coates, Peter; Cowap, Charles; Dickie, Ian; Elliott, Mike; Everard, Mark; Gosling, Laura; Grayson, Nick; Haines-Young, Roy; Harrison, Paula; Kelly, Mike; Kenter, Jasper; Martin, Kate; Maxwell, Simon; McCarthy, Donal; Mee, Laurence; Monk, Kathryn; Mortimer, Diana; Osborn, Dan; Owen, Roger; Ranger, Sue; Reed, Mark; Russel, Duncan; Scott, Alister; Thompson, Des; Tierney, Megan; Waters, Ruth; Wharfe, Jim; Whitbread, Tony; Williams, Duncan; Wilson, Bruce; Wilson, Lucy

UK National Ecosystem Assessment follow-on: Synthesis of key findings Thumbnail


Steve Albon

Kerry Turner

Bob Watson

Annela Anger

Julia Baker

Ian Bateman

Sarah Bentley

Nick Blyth

Nadine Bowles-Newark

Claire Brown

Iain Brown

James Byrne

Andrew Church

Peter Coates

Charles Cowap

Ian Dickie

Mike Elliott

Mark Everard
Associate Professor in Ecosystem Services

Laura Gosling

Nick Grayson

Roy Haines-Young

Paula Harrison

Mike Kelly

Jasper Kenter

Kate Martin

Simon Maxwell

Donal McCarthy

Laurence Mee

Kathryn Monk

Diana Mortimer

Dan Osborn

Roger Owen

Sue Ranger

Mark Reed

Duncan Russel

Alister Scott

Des Thompson

Megan Tierney

Ruth Waters

Jim Wharfe

Tony Whitbread

Duncan Williams

Bruce Wilson

Lucy Wilson


Albon, S., Turner, K., Watson, B., Anger, A., Baker, J., Bateman, I., …Wilson, L. (2014). UK National Ecosystem Assessment follow-on: Synthesis of key findings

Report Type Technical Report
Publication Date Jun 1, 2014
Deposit Date Feb 23, 2015
Publicly Available Date Sep 9, 2016
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
ISBN 9789280733945
Keywords UK National Ecosystem Assessment, ecosystem services, habitat types, valuation
Public URL
Publisher URL


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