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Alcohol and the media (2009)
Presentation / Conference
Orme, J., & Daykin, N. (2009, September). Alcohol and the media. Paper presented at Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference

Anticipating tomorrow for change today (2009)
Presentation / Conference
Longhurst, J., & Orme, J. (2009, April). Anticipating tomorrow for change today. Presented at Inaugural conference of the Institute for Sustainability, Health and Environment. UWE, Bristol, 22nd April 2009

Evaluation of "Jump" and "Jump Together" (2006)
Presentation / Conference
Salmon, D., Barrett, G., Orme, J., & Mages, L. (2006, March). Evaluation of "Jump" and "Jump Together". Paper presented at UK Public Health Association Annual Conference

The public health agenda (2004)
Presentation / Conference
McCann, S., Powell, J., & Orme, J. (2004, November). The public health agenda. Paper presented at South-West Human Resources Conference

Findings of the Rock Challenge Evaluation (2004)
Presentation / Conference
Murphy, S., Salmon, D., Orme, J., Jones, M., & Kimberlee, R. (2004, April). Findings of the Rock Challenge Evaluation. Paper presented at South West Regional Public Health Scientific Conference

Leadership development through action inquiry (2004)
Presentation / Conference
Burns, D., Evans, D., Orme, J., Gray, S., & Weil, S. (2004, April). Leadership development through action inquiry. Paper presented at Sustaining Public Health in a Changing World: Vision to Action - 12th Annual Public Health Forum

Peer drug education: The way forward? (1998)
Presentation / Conference
Starkey, F., & Orme, J. (1998, April). Peer drug education: The way forward?. Paper presented at First UK Health Promotion Research Conference

Issues in evaluating drug education (1997)
Presentation / Conference
Starkey, F., & Orme, J. (1997, December). Issues in evaluating drug education. Paper presented at First European Symposium on Community Action to Prevent Alcohol Problems