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British housing: Timelines and types (2019)
Exhibition / Performance
Marco, E., & Burgess, S. (2012). British housing: Timelines and types. [Mix-mode]. 8 February 2019 - 1 April 2012. (Unpublished)

British Housing: Timelines and typologies New homes being built in the United Kingdom (UK) today have been criticised for not providing space for basic living functions1. We now have the smallest homes in Europe1&2, they tend to have very little s... Read More about British housing: Timelines and types.

Healthy housing (2015)
Book Chapter
Marco, E., & Burgess, S. (2015). Healthy housing. In H. Barton, S. Thompson, S. Burgess, & M. Grant (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Planning for Health and Well-Being, 403-416. Routledge

The chapter explores the relationship between housing and health and wellbeing over the last 100 years.

Crafting the collaborative studio (2013)
Presentation / Conference
Devereux, M., Marco, E., & Comparelli, J. (2013, April). Crafting the collaborative studio. Paper presented at Association of Architectural Educators Conference

The teaching of architecture, structural engineering and planning in higher education has, for the last sixty years or so, been strongly governed by the requirements of professional bodies who have set relatively strict guidelines on content and appr... Read More about Crafting the collaborative studio.

Not-at-present-in-use-maybe-never-again objects: DEAD STORAGE
Exhibition / Performance
Marco, E., & Burgess, S. (2014). Not-at-present-in-use-maybe-never-again objects: DEAD STORAGE. [Photography]. (Unpublished)

In the 1990s, Peter and Alison Smithson coined the term “glut” to refer to the vast amount of objects people collect, and then store, as a result of the plentiful consumerism of the end of the last century 1&2. This project revisits the Smithsons’ st... Read More about Not-at-present-in-use-maybe-never-again objects: DEAD STORAGE.

Housing & Stuff
Marco, E., Burgess, S., Pilkington, P., & Hall, S. Housing & Stuff