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The enhancement & enrichment agenda (2008)
Presentation / Conference
Bultitude, K. (2008, October). The enhancement & enrichment agenda. Paper presented at Biosciences Federation Education Colloquium, York, UK

So what is "engagement" anyway? (2008)
Presentation / Conference
McCrory, P., & Bultitude, K. (2008, July). So what is "engagement" anyway?. Paper presented at British Interactive Group (BIG) Annual Event, Wrexham, Wales

Stakeholders' mixed messages on climate change (2008)
Presentation / Conference
Featherstone, H., Ling, K., & Weitkamp, E. (2008, June). Stakeholders' mixed messages on climate change. Paper presented at 10th Annual Public Communication of Science and Technology, Malmo, Sweden

Hands-on science in schools (2008)
Presentation / Conference
Overton, T., Bultitude, K., & Cartwright, H. (2008, May). Hands-on science in schools. Paper presented at Meeting of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, London

Solar system 8.1 (2008)
Presentation / Conference
Stengler, E., Suarez, Á., Hansen Ruiz, C., & Suarez, L. (2008, January). Solar system 8.1. Poster presented at ECFUN Symposium - "Communicating Science to the Young - Future Networks", Vienna, Austria

Solar System 8.1 is a unique combination of science, music and entertainment.