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Stephen Hoskins


Stephen Hoskins

Research Centre Director CFPR/Prof

Ink for Printmaking (2023)
Hoskins, S. (in press). Ink for Printmaking. London: Bloomsbury Publishing

Flight of Fancy (2023)
Exhibition / Performance
Hoskins, S. Flight of Fancy. [Curated Solo Exhibition and Catalogue (pp70) ISBN 9789887733584]. Exhibited at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Oak Tin Street, Ship Keep Mei, Kowloon. 28 January 2023 - 12 March 2023. (Unpublished)

'Flight of Fancy' presents a range of prints on paper by Stephen Hoskins as well as two of his printstallation works. The three-dimensional flying machines in the exhibition combine a variety of aesthetics with the results of his research on print te... Read More about Flight of Fancy.

"Flight of fancy" A retrospective of prints that fly (2021)
Exhibition / Performance
Hoskins, S. "Flight of fancy" A retrospective of prints that fly. []. Exhibited at Hong Kong. 20 April 2021 - 25 June 2021. (Unpublished)

Stephen Hoskins has been making kite and aeroplane prints for the last forty years. Inspired by an Uncle who made model aeroplanes in the 1950’s. The prints are as much about the craft of making, as they are a gentle delight in challenging the notion... Read More about "Flight of fancy" A retrospective of prints that fly.

CFPR Showcase (2020)
Exhibition / Performance
Boons, S., Field, L., Jorgensen, T., Dessain, C., Butler, A., Hoskins, S., …Trujillo Vazquez, A. CFPR Showcase. [Various]. 9 December 2020. (Unpublished)

Our shift towards the digital has provided us a new challenge: how can we offer an alternative experience that surpasses a physical visit to an exhibition? This showcase is a first response to this question. It includes a range of images, a video, an... Read More about CFPR Showcase.

Desire Lines (2019)
Physical Artefact
Hoskins, S., Hingley, L., & Bual, S. Desire Lines. [paper, digital print]. UWE Bristol

Large scale kites printed on paper commissioned as part of the AHRC funded Design, material culture and popular creativity in suburban faith communities. This project explores the ways in which suburban faith communities create space focusing on arc... Read More about Desire Lines.

Crafts in the Digital Age (2018)
Presentation / Conference
Hoskins, S. (2018, September). Crafts in the Digital Age. Presented at HomoFaber Conference, Venice, Italy

Professor Stephen Hoskins was an invited speaker on Crafts in the Digital Age at HomoFaber Conference presented by the Michelangelo Foundation, Venice in collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d'Art INMA, 29th September 2018. The Crafts... Read More about Crafts in the Digital Age.

Printmaking an industrial continuum, technology looking back to go forward (2017)
Presentation / Conference
Hoskins, S. (2017, November). Printmaking an industrial continuum, technology looking back to go forward. Presented at The First International Printmaking Conference: From Tradition to Transition: Aspects and Technologies of printmaking from the past to present day, Nicosia, Greece

This talk was composed of two halves; the first in essence is a history lesson on how printmaking relates to industrial printing. The second half explained the development of the Centre for Fine Print Research including the historic context of print... Read More about Printmaking an industrial continuum, technology looking back to go forward.