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Kabir Kadiri
TSU Research Associate TIMESHEET NOM

Zeeniya Kamil
TSU Research Associate Microbiology Timesheet (NOM)

Bola Karimu
Associate Lecturer FBL-AEF-UAEF0001

Selen Kars
Associate Professor in Organisation Studies

Dr Anil Kashyap

Dr Anil Kashyap
Head of Department of Geography & Environment

Dr Poonam Kashyap

Dr Poonam Kashyap
Senior Lecturer in Engineering Management

Peter Kay
Acting Deputy Head of Department

 Ahsan Kazmi

Ahsan Kazmi
Senior Lecturer Computer Science

Mary Keeling
Occasional Associate Lecturer - HAS HSS

Celia Keeping
Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Reece Kelly
Future Quest Projects Manager (FTC)

Ann Kelson
Art Shop Assistant (Lunchtime Cover Support) TTO

Adrian Kendrick
Senior Lecturer in Physiological Scientist (Sleep)