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Rome at the Poetry Society (2019)
Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J. Rome at the Poetry Society. 8 March 2019 - 1 December 2009. (Unpublished)

I’m invading The Poetry Society, throughout its centenary year, with Rome; an invitation to exhibit has been interpreted as an invitation to occupy. Invasion is messy and involves considerable negotiation: art, poetry, Rome collide. There is both sup... Read More about Rome at the Poetry Society.

Beaconsfield residency (2019)
Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J. Beaconsfield residency. 7 March 2019 - 1 November 2013. (Unpublished)

This output consists of thirty works produced by Dean during her as artist-in-residency (March-November 2013) at the invitation of Beaconsfield directors David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin ( Read More about Beaconsfield residency.

Painting as food (2018)
Presentation / Conference
Dean, J. (2018, May). Painting as food. Presented at Thinkspace: Food, The Bartlett School of Architecture

A performative lecture / presentation with a painting, Déjeuner sans L'herbe, acrylic and oil on linen, 100 x 50cm, and 2 texts (one with a powerpoint presentation).

Et Cetera (2015)
Digital Artefact
Dean, J. (2015). Et Cetera

ink on glass, max 492 x 234cm, DeptfordX, 2015

Judith Dean - Phase 4 (2013)
Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J. (2013). Judith Dean - Phase 4. [Various]. 11 October 2013 - 30 November 2013. (Unpublished)

Judith Dean was commissioned by the directors of Beaconsfield, London, to undertake a 6 month public facing residency, culminating in a venue-wide one-person exhibition. This was funded by the Arts Council. Dean began the residency employing past... Read More about Judith Dean - Phase 4.

idonthaveyourmarbles (2011)
Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J., & Klega, K. idonthaveyourmarbles. [Sculpture / Virtual]. 1 March 2011 - 1 March 2011. (Unpublished)

An international ongoing collaborative project operating within a pre-existing economic framework (ebay), in which artefacts (made / found objects of questionable value) are listed for 10 days a month, with invites to participate sent to members of t... Read More about idonthaveyourmarbles.

Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J., Jones, S., & Peasnall, E. BLOCK BLOCK. [Exhibition]. 25 June 2010 - 26 June 2010. (Unpublished)

Exhibition / Installation with Performances

Rome at the Poetry Society (2009)
Presentation / Conference
Dean, J. (2009, November). Rome at the Poetry Society. Paper presented at The Eagle Document: A Performance/Events Symposium

Rome (wasn’t) built in a day: Oslo version (2009)
Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J., Creamer, A., Leggat Ramfelt, P., & Berge, K. Rome (wasn’t) built in a day: Oslo version. 1 May 2009 - 1 May 2009. (Unpublished)

Rome was built in a day using a wide range of materials, equipment and objects found, bought, and borrowed in Oslo the day before. Building was not confined to the space in which I was predominantly working. For a few hours the public could witness t... Read More about Rome (wasn’t) built in a day: Oslo version.

OperationRome (2009)
Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J. (2009). OperationRome. 1 January 2009 - 31 December 2009. (Unpublished)

Dean was invited by Judith Palmer, director of the Poetry Society, London, to become artist-in-residence throughout the Society’s centenary year 2009. Dean’s art installation/performance OperationRome, drawing on her ongoing research into the spaces... Read More about OperationRome.

Living in the Gesamtkunstwerk
Digital Artefact
Dean, J. Living in the Gesamtkunstwerk

A performance / lecture delivered as a powerpoint presentation, through which the everyday was posited as a Gesamtkunstwerk. C. 22 minutes.

Digital Artefact
Dean, J. (2015). Nosejob

Ink, digital prints, ply, 42 x 29.7cm, 2015. Exhibited in '25', University of Westminster, London, 2015

Rome (wasn’t) built in a day, at The Walls in Three Places, Charlton Art Centre, Dover
Digital Artefact
Dean, J. Rome (wasn’t) built in a day, at The Walls in Three Places, Charlton Art Centre, Dover

3 photographic drawings were exhibited from an extensive series entitled Rome (wasn’t) built in a day. In all cases images were gleaned from the internet and collaged together by computer, to create drawings that speculate on ideas of building / crea... Read More about Rome (wasn’t) built in a day, at The Walls in Three Places, Charlton Art Centre, Dover.

Exhibition / Performance
Dean, J. Investment. (Unpublished)

Investment is a silver cast of a (cancelled) credit card in my name, signed on the back either by the wax maker, the foundry director, or myself. Both sides of the piece must be visible to the viewer, preferably by picking it up.

Guide to Powerstock Common
Physical Artefact
Dean, J., Chodzko, A., Lucas, A., & Best, A. (2012). Guide to Powerstock Common

Judith Dean was commissioned in 2011-12 to develop a year-long collaborative art project in relation to Powerstock Common, Dorset, a designated SSSI and AONB, for the project Road for the Future, curated by Anna Best. It was funded by the National Lo... Read More about Guide to Powerstock Common.

Select All (Placemats 1 and 2)
Digital Artefact
Dean, J. (2016). Select All (Placemats 1 and 2)

2 A4 laminated drawings, ink on paper, 2016; installation with Little Sod, a bronze sculpture, c. 22 x 14 x 9cm, 2006. Exhibited in Buffet d'Art, Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin, 2016.

Fish Spy
Digital Artefact
Dean, J. (2016). Fish Spy

Digital laminate prints, 51 x 21 x 5cm, 2016.