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Lukacs, Kierkegaard, Marx and the Political (2019)
Book Chapter
Assiter, A. (2019). Lukacs, Kierkegaard, Marx and the Political. In P. Stokes, A. Buben, & E. Helms (Eds.), The Kierkegaardian Mind. Routledge

This is an attempt to show, contrary to most of the discussion on the subject, that Kierkegaard and Marx have more in common than is often thought to be the case.

The concept of anxiety and Kant (2017)
Book Chapter
Assiter, A. (2017). The concept of anxiety and Kant. In B. E. Benson, & B. K. Putt (Eds.), Evil, Fallenness, and Finitude (13-24). Palgrave Macmillan

Kantian realisms: The noumenal, causation and grounding (2017)
Book Chapter
Assiter, A. (2017). Kantian realisms: The noumenal, causation and grounding. In M. Morin (Ed.), Continental Realism and its Discontents (83-100). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

This is a defence of the 'epistemic' Kant against some recent critics of this aspect of his work, followed by a defence of transcendental idealism over transcendental realism. Finally the article argues that a stronger form of realism can be attribut... Read More about Kantian realisms: The noumenal, causation and grounding.

Why universalism (2016)
Journal Article
Assiter, A. (2016). Why universalism

This is a defence of a universalist position against many who have critiqued it - for example, against post modern critiques and identity theory critiques.

Universalising politics and process naturalism (2015)
Book Chapter
Assiter, A. (2015). Universalising politics and process naturalism. In G. R. Smulewicz-Zucker, & M. Thompson (Eds.), Radical Intellectuals and the Subversion of Progressive Politics: The Betrayal of Politics. UK: Macmillan

Irigaray, Kant and Kierkegaard (2015)
Book Chapter
Assiter, A. (2015). Irigaray, Kant and Kierkegaard. In H. Marway (Ed.), Women and Violence: The Agency of Victims and Perpetrators. London, UK: Macmillan

DEBATE: Response to McWherter (2015)
Journal Article
Assiter, A. (2015). DEBATE: Response to McWherter. Journal of Critical Realism, 14(5), 508-517.

© W. S. Maney & Son Ltd 2015. This contribution to a debate with Dustin McWherter evaluates his claim that Kant is a ‘non-ontologist’ or an ‘anti-ontologist’ and challenges one specific consequence which McWherter argues follows from this attributi... Read More about DEBATE: Response to McWherter.

Speculative and critical realism (2013)
Journal Article
Assiter, A. (2013). Speculative and critical realism. Journal of Critical Realism, 12(3), 283-300.

This is a contribution to the debate on speculative realism deriving from the book The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism, eds Levi Bryant, Nick Srnicek and Graham Harman (Melbourne:, 2011). It is also in part a response t... Read More about Speculative and critical realism.

Kierkegaard and vulnerability (2013)
Book Chapter
Assiter, A. (2013). Kierkegaard and vulnerability. In A. Grear, & M. Fineman (Eds.), Vulnerability: Reflections on a New Ethical Foundation for Law and Politics, 29-40. Ashgate

Kierkegaard and the political (2012)
Assiter, A. (2012). A. Assiter, & M. Tonon (Eds.), Kierkegaard and the political. Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Kierkegaard, metaphysics and political theory: Unfinished selves (2009)
Assiter, A. (2009). Kierkegaard, metaphysics and political theory: Unfinished selves. London: Continuum Books

Offers a new reading of the work of Kierkegaard in relation to metaphysics and political theory. ‘A remarkable book’ (Charles Lemert, Wesleyan University, USA); ‘Assiter has written a thoughtful and original work’ (Jane Duran, USA, from review in TH... Read More about Kierkegaard, metaphysics and political theory: Unfinished selves.

Confucius and Kierkegaard (2009)
Journal Article
Assiter, A. (2009). Confucius and Kierkegaard. International Journal of the Humanities, 7(6),