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The ecology and sociology of feeding in Indri indri (1977)
Book Chapter
Pollock, J. (1977). The ecology and sociology of feeding in Indri indri. In T. Clutton-Brock (Ed.), Primate Ecology: Studies of Feeding and Ranging Behaviour in Lemurs Monkeys and Apes (37-69). London: Academic Press

Observing public drinking (1977)
Journal Article
Duffy, J., Kreitman, N., Miller, T. I., & Plant, M. (1977). Observing public drinking. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 38(5), 867-880

Decriminalising cannabis (1977)
Journal Article
Plant, M. (1977). Decriminalising cannabis. British journal of law and society, 4(2), 252-255

Alcoholism and Occupation: A Review (1977)
Journal Article
Plant, M. (1977). Alcoholism and Occupation: A Review. Addiction, 72(4), 309-316.

The post‐war literature associating alcoholism with specific occupations is reviewed. It is concluded that some occupations do have particularly high alcoholism rates, though whether these are due to selection factors, or job pressure, remains unclea... Read More about Alcoholism and Occupation: A Review.

Alcohol Consumption and Self‐disclosure (1977)
Journal Article
Ingham, J. G., Miller, P. M. C., Miller, T. I., & Plant, M. (1977). Alcohol Consumption and Self‐disclosure. Addiction, 72(4), 296-300.

The relationship between self‐disclosure and alcohol consumption was investigated in two samples (total N=344) drawn from an Edinburgh general practice. For the abstainer up to moderate drinker categories, self‐disclosure increases with consumption f... Read More about Alcohol Consumption and Self‐disclosure.