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Digital Artefact
Dillon, T. AMHARC

Since the late 1960s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has become a dominant feature in many of our cities. Central to CCTV upkeep and maintenance is the addition of metal or plastic spikes, which are aimed at deterring birds from perching or nesting... Read More about AMHARC.

Laszlo's Bear
Digital Artefact
Sherwood, K. (2016). Laszlo's Bear

Short story

A video serenade
Digital Artefact
Buchheim, Y. A video serenade

EFA Project Space presents A Video Serenade, a screening of recent works selected by ArtVideoExchange (AVE) and Format Network. AVE is an international exchange program and initiative between artists and curators that promotes the production and circ... Read More about A video serenade.

Digital Artefact
Dean, J. (2015). Nosejob

Ink, digital prints, ply, 42 x 29.7cm, 2015. Exhibited in '25', University of Westminster, London, 2015

Digital Artefact
Buchheim, Y. Tenderflix

Video art work for video screening and DVD launch, Tenderpixel’s Experimental Film festival, Tenderpixel gallery, London Tenderpixel gallery is converted into a mini-cinema and in collaboration with Rushes Soho Shorts Festival (RSSF). Tenderpixel... Read More about Tenderflix.

'to be'
Digital Artefact
Rogers, S. (2015). 'to be'

one poem published in Tears in the Fence, 62