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Oundle, Northamptonshire (2014)
Journal Article
Coates, R. (2014). Oundle, Northamptonshire

The name of Oundle, noted earliest as the death-place of St Wilfrid and later of St Cett, and as the burial-place of archbishop Wulfstan of York, has not received a fully satisfactory explanation, despite a wealth of early mentions.

Wirral revisited (2013)
Journal Article
Coates, R. (2013). Wirral revisited

This article has two goals. The first is to document fully the recurrent English place-name Wirral and a number of similar ones which can be shown, in some cases definitely, in others probably or possibly, to have the same origin, as well as others w... Read More about Wirral revisited.

The traditional dialect of Sussex (2010)
Coates, R. (2010). The traditional dialect of Sussex. Pomegranate Press

Part One consists of five chapters. Chapter 1 situates dialect, and dialect writing in particular, in relation to the history of the emergence of standard written English. Chapter 2 presents the contribution of academic linguists and philologists to... Read More about The traditional dialect of Sussex.

A strictly Millian approach to the definition of the proper name (2009)
Journal Article
Coates, R. (2009). A strictly Millian approach to the definition of the proper name. Mind and Language, 24(4), 433-444.

A strictly Millian approach to proper names is defended, i.e. one in which expressions when used properly ('onymically') refer directly, i.e. without the semantic intermediaryship of the words that appear to comprise them. The approach may appear sel... Read More about A strictly Millian approach to the definition of the proper name.

Properhood (2006)
Journal Article
Coates, R. (2006). Properhood. Language, 82(2), 356-82

A submitted theoretical article, accepted without major revision. The novel ideas presented have emerged from the author's historical studies of proper names conducted over many years. It consists firstly of a forcible restatement of J.S. Mill's view... Read More about Properhood.

Names (2006)
Book Chapter
Coates, R. (2006). Names. In R. M. Hogg, & D. Denison (Eds.), A history of the English Language, 312-351. Cambridge University Press.

Commissioned chapter in one-volume survey of the history of English. This is the first work ever to pull together the history of all major types of namegiving in English. It has an introductory section covering linguistic and philosophical aspects of... Read More about Names.