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Magnetic particle detector system (2010)
Kiely, J., Luxton, R. W., & Hawkins, P. (2010). Magnetic particle detector system. EP20050744998 20050517

A magnetic particle detector system comprises a plurality of reaction surfaces; a corresponding plurality of electrical coils, each located adjacent a respective reaction surface; and a measuring system for measuring the effect of magnetic particles... Read More about Magnetic particle detector system.

Magnetizable antibody-like proteins (2010)
Journal Article
Luxton, R., Dehal, P. K., Livingston, C. F., Dunn, C. G., Buick, R., Luxton, R. W., & Pritchard, D. J. (2010). Magnetizable antibody-like proteins. Biotechnology Journal, 5(6), 596-604.

Use of paramagnetic particles to isolate molecules or cells from complex media is well established. Typically, particles are manufactured and coated with a biological molecule that confers specific biorecognition. Incubation of particles with sample... Read More about Magnetizable antibody-like proteins.