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Ebenezer Gate Pocket Park (2016)
Digital Artefact
Sara, R., Jones, M., Rice, L., Daniels, S., & de Graft-Johnson, A. (2016). Ebenezer Gate Pocket Park

The Hands-on-Bristol collective worked with local residents, community groups artists, architects and makers to co-create a community run pocket park. The research aim underpinning the project was to use action-based design-research processes to expl... Read More about Ebenezer Gate Pocket Park.

The production of informal space: A case study of an urban community garden in England (2015)
Rice, L. The production of informal space: A case study of an urban community garden in England. (Thesis). University of the West of England

This research explores the production of informal spaces in England. Informal spaces are those used by people who do not own the land. The research focused on how such a space is produced, through a variety of processes and activities. The use and f... Read More about The production of informal space: A case study of an urban community garden in England.

Informal architecture/s (2015)
Book Chapter
Rice, L. (2015). Informal architecture/s. In L. Rice, & D. Littlefield (Eds.), Transgression: Towards an Expanded Field of Architecture, 87-101. Routledge

This chapter is a critical examination of the architecture/s of informal cities. Informal cities will house the majority of the world’s urban population by the middle of this century. The scale of this new development is unprecedented in its scale, e... Read More about Informal architecture/s.

Transgression: Towards an expanded field of architecture (2014)
Rice, L., & Littlefield, D. (2014). Transgression: Towards an expanded field of architecture. Taylor & Francis

The potency of the word “transgress” is hardly reflected in its Latin etymology – to go or walk across. The language is benign, but symbolically loaded: to violate, to infringe, to go beyond the boundaries. To transgress is to break, violate, infring... Read More about Transgression: Towards an expanded field of architecture.

The nature of society: Enmapping nature, space and society into a town-green hybrid (2014)
Journal Article
Rice, L. (2014). The nature of society: Enmapping nature, space and society into a town-green hybrid. Culture Unbound, 6(1), 981-996.

The paper describes the transformation of derelict land into a ‘town-green’ and the role legislation played in transforming social and natural relationships. Town-green denotes a legal status under the Great Britain Commons Act (2006) that protects c... Read More about The nature of society: Enmapping nature, space and society into a town-green hybrid.

Carnival: Performed transgressions (2012)
Book Chapter
Sara, R. (2012). Carnival: Performed transgressions. In L. Rice (Ed.), Architecture + Transgression, 60-67. Architecture Centre, Bristol

Within a book on architecture and transgression, this chapter explores the way in which urban acts of transgression such as zombie walks, urban beaches, street parties, illegal raves, street interventions (sofas, cushions on streets), pop-up cinemas,... Read More about Carnival: Performed transgressions.

The power of the image (2012)
Journal Article
Rice, L. (2012). The power of the image. Architectural Design, 82(1), 98-101.

Designers have long used fantastical imagery as part of an urban regeneration process, here Louis Rice examines the legacy of the seminal image from the winning London Olympics bid.

Architecture + Transgression (2012)
Rice, L. (2012). L. Rice, D. Littlefield, R. Sara, & J. Burch (Eds.), Architecture + Transgression. The Architecture Centre

Bristol riots (2011)
Rice, L., Davies, J., & Cains, M. (2011). Bristol riots. Tangent Press

BRISTOL RIOTS is an examination of the demonstrations in Stokes Croft and the riot in the Spring of 2011 which took place after police raided a squatted building opposite the Tesco store. Where the national media failed to report the event that night... Read More about Bristol riots.

Informal/peripheral production (2011)
Presentation / Conference
Rice, L. (2011, October). Informal/peripheral production. Presented at Architectural Humanities Research Conference

This research project explores a four-year (and on-going) research project into the production of informal spaces. Informal spaces (or something akin to informal spaces) are known variously as: autonomous, transgressive, or loose spaces; or terrain v... Read More about Informal/peripheral production.

Crit(ical) encounters (2011)
Presentation / Conference
Rice, L., & Sara, R. (2011, August). Crit(ical) encounters. Presented at Architectural Education Encounters Conference

The crit forms the primary narrative through which architectural education is operationalized. The crit or ‘design review’ inhabits a liminal space through which the process of learning architecture and development of professionalism are curated. For... Read More about Crit(ical) encounters.

Black-boxing sustainability (2011)
Journal Article
Rice, L. (2011). Black-boxing sustainability. Journal of Sustainable Development, 4(4), 32-37

The term ‘sustainable’ has rapidly become a ubiquitous prefix for many contemporary issues, professions and disciplines. This paper contextualizes the debate by exploring how the term ‘sustainable’ has emerged within the field of architecture. The pa... Read More about Black-boxing sustainability.

Reshaping suburbs (2011)
Barton, H., Grant, M., Rice, L., & Horswell, M. (2011). Reshaping suburbs

A report produced as part of the EPSRC solutions project - the sustainability of land use and transport in outer neighberhoods.

Slum genealogy (2010)
Presentation / Conference
Rice, L. (2010, December). Slum genealogy. Presented at Destination Slum! International Conference

The slum is consuming the world. Thus slums by virtue of their presence: as a utopian model – always present, everywhere and always the same: have power. They have become more powerful than the formal city, princes and philosophers alike are drawn to... Read More about Slum genealogy.

Retrofitting suburbia: Is the compact city feasible? (2010)
Journal Article
Rice, L. (2010). Retrofitting suburbia: Is the compact city feasible?. Proceedings of the ICE - Urban Design and Planning, 163(4), 193-204.

This paper examines the role of retrofitting existing suburbs to deliver more sustainable lifestyles. The policy of intensification of existing urban and suburban areas, referred to as a 'compact city' strategy, has been promoted by the UK government... Read More about Retrofitting suburbia: Is the compact city feasible?.

Towards a suburban renaissance (2010)
Presentation / Conference
Rice, L. (2010, January). Towards a suburban renaissance. Paper presented at Urban Planning and Environment International Conference

Playful learning (2009)
Journal Article
Rice, L. (2009). Playful learning. Journal for Education in the Built Environment, 4(2), 94-108

This paper explores the use of playful learning as an approach to teaching and learning. The research used the playful aspects of the 'dérive' (an approach to understanding an environment developed by the Situationists group) as a vehicle to examine... Read More about Playful learning.

Urban design (2008)
Presentation / Conference
Rice, L. (2008, July). Urban design. Paper presented at The Oxford Conference: Resetting the Agenda for Architecture Education

Informal urbanism
Presentation / Conference
Rice, L. Informal urbanism. Paper presented at Arts and Humanities Association International Conference - Edinburgh, Scotland