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Beyond lending - A case study (2022)
Book Chapter
Lovesmith, G., Miah, M. F., & Singleton, A. (2023). Beyond lending - A case study. In M. McVicar, S. Kite, & C. Drozynski (Eds.), Generosity and Architecture (252-261). Abingdon: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

Maindee Library+ , Newport, is a volunteer-run, community initiated, piece of social infrastructure. Through a co-produced, socially engaged art programme, Maindee Unlimited appointed architects George Lovesmith (Integrated Workshop) & Sarah Hollingw... Read More about Beyond lending - A case study.

Beyond Lending (2018)
Digital Artefact
Lovesmith, G. (2018). Beyond Lending. [Video]

Maindee Library, Newport, was closed by the local authority in 2015. It was soon reopened by a determined volunteer collective called Maindee Unlimited, delivering more public services than ever before. Following a socially engaged art programme, Mai... Read More about Beyond Lending.

Photographed space and the (no)body (2013)
Presentation / Conference
Lovett, G. (2013, September). Photographed space and the (no)body. Paper presented at Interior 2013

Architecture journals present to us new buildings, pioneering ideas and triumphs of creative innovation... yet they are largely deserted. This paper argues against the negative impact of this on design culture and a resultant aspiration to design spa... Read More about Photographed space and the (no)body.

Beyond Lending
Conference Proceeding
Lovesmith, G. (2018). Beyond Lending.