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Topologies #1 (2020)
Exhibition / Performance
Artists, U. V., & Meckin, D. Topologies #1. [Audio-visual Installation]. 29 August 2020 - 30 June 2021. (Unpublished)

A new installation artwork that continues UVA’s explorations of sensory experiences through the lenses of technology. The first of a new series of works, Topologies #1 consists of five kinetic sculptures that project planes of light stretching acr... Read More about Topologies #1.

Harmonics (2020)
Exhibition / Performance
Artists, U. V., & Meckin, D. Harmonics. [Laser lights, sound, code.]. 17 May 2020. (Unpublished)

Harmonics challenges our perception of light and sound unfolding at great speed, an illusion of time blending. As the two kinetic sculptures speed up, rotating beams of light blend to form volumes of colour, while multiple discrete sounds become a ma... Read More about Harmonics.

The MusicBox - Drake Music (2020)
Presentation / Conference
Meckin, D. (2020, February). The MusicBox - Drake Music. Poster presented at Drake Music Conference 2020

The MusicBox is a prototype Accessible Digital Musical Instrument (ADMI) developed during a series of co-creative musical workshops with leaders and musicians of the Electric Storm Ensemble, facilitated by Drake Music. It comprises of two physical... Read More about The MusicBox - Drake Music.