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The Bristol Method: Green Capital Student Capital - The power of student sustainability engagement

Clayton, William; Longhurst, James; Willmore, Chris; Bigg, Martin; Brooks, Ian; Dare-Edwards, Eleri; Darwen, Jamie; di Corpo, Rebecca; Gough, Georgina; Heywood, Gem; Hills, Sarah; Howells, Laura-Kate; Hyland, Fiona; Idle, Jenny; Khan, Hannah; Miller, Kate; Owen, David; Sharratt, Jess; Talbot, Hope; Tierney, Aisling; Tweddell, Hannah; Walsh, Amy


William Clayton

James Longhurst

Chris Willmore

Martin Bigg

Ian Brooks

Eleri Dare-Edwards

Jamie Darwen

Rebecca di Corpo

Georgina Gough

Gem Heywood

Sarah Hills

Laura-Kate Howells

Fiona Hyland

Jenny Idle

Hannah Khan

Kate Miller

David Owen

Jess Sharratt

Hope Talbot

Aisling Tierney

Hannah Tweddell

Amy Walsh



The Bristol Method is a knowledge-transfer programme aimed at helping people in other cities understand and apply the lessons that Bristol has learned in becoming a more sustainable city, not just in 2015 but in the last decade.

Each module of the Bristol Method is presented as an easy-to-digest ‘how to’ guide on a particular topic, which use Bristol’s experiences as a case study. The modules contain generic advice and recommendations that each reader can tailor to their own circumstances.

This module focusses on the Green Capital: Student Capital project, and explains how the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE) and the University of Bristol – with their respective students’ unions – have been working in partnership with the city and local communities, using Higher Education Funding Council for England Catalyst funding to promote student involvement in Green Capital activities across Greater Bristol.

Student Capital created a broad programme of citywide impact during European Green Capital. It delivered a programme of student and staff engagement in enhancing sustainability within the city and has developed student and staff engagement with sustainability action. Through action research approaches it is also providing lessons for how institutions can collaborate across cities and communities to have internal and external impacts for sustainability.

This report is for anyone seeking to increase sustainability engagement. In it we tell the story of the Student Capital project, explaining the processes and the outcomes, and suggesting pieces of advice and lessons for what went well, and what could have been done better or differently.


Clayton, W., Longhurst, J., Willmore, C., Bigg, M., Brooks, I., Dare-Edwards, E., …Walsh, A. (2016). The Bristol Method: Green Capital Student Capital - The power of student sustainability engagement

Other Type Manual / Guide
Publication Date Jan 1, 2016
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords Green Capital Student Capital, sustainability engagement, student, change maker, skills bridge, partnership, university
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