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Property level flood protection: Technical insights of a new safety flood door

Beddoes, D.W.; Booth, C.A.


D.W. Beddoes

Colin Booth
AHOD in Research/ Associate Professor


D.G. Proverbs

S. Mambretti

C.A. Brebbia

N. Ursino


Governments acknowledge that many buildings cannot be protected from flooding by large-scale flood defence schemes and, therefore, property level flood protection is considered part of an integrated flood risk strategy, requiring homeowners to shoulder some of this responsibility and install appropriate resistance and resilience measures themselves. Whilst there are many products and options already available to homeowners, this study proposes a new safety flood door and frame (Patent Pending 1315021.4) that can be fitted into new or existing door apertures. The double rebated door is designed to open outwards and has an automatic safety flap that lets in floodwater when the differential height reaches a critical level (600mm depth) that may cause structural property damage. Furthermore, the water seals are enhanced by external water pressure from the floodwater and a safety outlet for floodwater trapped inside the building is fitted. From a commercial and practical perspective, the patented product demonstrates several advantages over those of existing flood door designs and systems and, moreover, is an affordable option by comparison to other flood doors.

Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Pages 297-307
Book Title Urban Water Systems and Floods
ISBN 9781784661410
Institution Citation Beddoes, D., & Booth, C. Property level flood protection: Technical insights of a new safety flood door. In N. Ursino, C. Brebbia, S. Mambretti, & D. Proverbs (Eds.), Urban Water Systems and Floods, 297-307. WIT Press
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