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Energy and infrequent fluctuations of temperature related to atmospheric mechanisms for various climate change scenarios

Danaila, Luminita; Chun, Kwok; Massei, Nicolas


Luminita Danaila

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Dr Kwok Chun
Lecturer in Environmental Managment

Nicolas Massei


Understanding, modeling, and predicting complex systems such as climate require coupling distinct phenomena, acting at different space/temporal scales: wavelike features, and turbulent cascade, with different regimes, crucial for mixing and dissipation. In addition, turbulent statistics appear to be correlated with the long-time (large-scale) filtered field of the same quantity. For example, local and strong temperature fluctuations are most likely related to daily, seasonal, and sometimes interdecadal phenomena. This contribution aims to provide physical arguments of this conditioning by investigating turbulent statistics at each scale and for a particular time/phase of the large-scale, long-time phenomena.

The methodology uses transport equations for second and fourth-order moments of temperature, filtered at different space/time scales. Data originate from experimental measurements performed at the level of the ground in Hong Kong. The effect of daily and annual periodicity over one-and-two point statistics has been assessed by resorting to the theoretical framework based on the advection-diffusion for scalar fluctuations. It is shown that extreme/rare temperature fluctuations are related to the enhancement of temperature cascade and the large-scale, meandering, temperature gradient. Further extensions of this approach deal with improved modeling of extremes, such as heavy rainfall, dry spells, in the context of large-scale climate change and variability.


Danaila, L., Chun, K., & Massei, N. (2021). Energy and infrequent fluctuations of temperature related to atmospheric mechanisms for various climate change scenarios. In Bulletin of the American Physical Society

Conference Name 74th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics
Conference Location Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Start Date Nov 21, 2021
End Date Nov 23, 2021
Acceptance Date Oct 1, 2021
Publication Date 2021
Deposit Date Jan 13, 2022
Publisher American Physical Society
Volume 66
Book Title Bulletin of the American Physical Society
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