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Increased power generation in supercapacitive microbial fuel cell stack using Fe–N–C cathode catalyst

Santoro, Carlo; Kodali, Mounika; Shamoon, Najeeb; Serov, Alexey; Soavi, Francesca; Merino-Jimenez, Irene; Gajda, Iwona; Greenman, John; Ieropoulos, Ioannis; Atanassov, Plamen


Mounika Kodali

Najeeb Shamoon

Alexey Serov

Francesca Soavi

Irene Merino-Jimenez

Plamen Atanassov


© 2018 The Authors The anode and cathode electrodes of a microbial fuel cell (MFC) stack, composed of 28 single MFCs, were used as the negative and positive electrodes, respectively of an internal self-charged supercapacitor. Particularly, carbon veil was used as the negative electrode and activated carbon with a Fe-based catalyst as the positive electrode. The red-ox reactions on the anode and cathode, self-charged these electrodes creating an internal electrochemical double layer capacitor. Galvanostatic discharges were performed at different current and time pulses. Supercapacitive-MFC (SC-MFC) was also tested at four different solution conductivities. SC-MFC had an equivalent series resistance (ESR) decreasing from 6.00 Ω to 3.42 Ω in four solutions with conductivity between 2.5 mScm−1 and 40 mScm−1. The ohmic resistance of the positive electrode corresponded to 75–80% of the overall ESR. The highest performance was achieved with a solution conductivity of 40 mS cm−1 and this was due to the positive electrode potential enhancement for the utilization of Fe-based catalysts. Maximum power was 36.9 mW (36.9 W m−3) that decreased with increasing pulse time. SC-MFC was subjected to 4520 cycles (8 days) with a pulse time of 5 s (ipulse 55 mA) and a self-recharging time of 150 s showing robust reproducibility.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Feb 1, 2019
Journal Journal of Power Sources
Print ISSN 0378-7753
Publisher Elsevier
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 412
Pages 416-424
APA6 Citation Santoro, C., Kodali, M., Shamoon, N., Serov, A., Soavi, F., Merino-Jimenez, I., …Atanassov, P. (2019). Increased power generation in supercapacitive microbial fuel cell stack using Fe–N–C cathode catalyst. Journal of Power Sources, 412, 416-424.
Keywords supercapacitor, microbial fuel cell, galvanostatic discharges, Fe-based catalyst, long terms stability
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