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Urban Lighthouses

D'Agnano, Fabio; Parraman, Carinna; Roberton, Nathaniel


Fabio D'Agnano

Nathaniel Roberton


Wayfinding strategies for visually impaired are fundamental to provide social inclusion, a better quality of life, level of independency and urban accessibility to people with special needs. Recent digital technologies are a great help (GPS localization and text to speech for instance) for blind people, improving the interaction with unfamiliar routes.

The project uses the existing infrastructure of wayfinding monoliths provided by Bristol Legible City (*), enhanced with embedded technologies and data, specifically designed for visually impaired. Exactly like lighthouses guide sailors in unknown waters,

the system provides useful and relevant information to users with a visual impairment wanting to explore the city.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Start Date Jun 29, 2020
APA6 Citation D'Agnano, F., Parraman, C., & Roberton, N. (2020, June). Urban Lighthouses. Paper presented at CONNECTIONS: EXPLORING HERITAGE, ARCHITECTURE, CITIES, ART, MEDIA, Canterbury, UK