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Digital commons and architecture's self-image (2023)
Presentation / Conference
Banou, S. (2023, October). Digital commons and architecture's self-image. Presented at AHRA International Conference 2023: Situated Ecologies of Care, Portsmouth

The research frames an emerging visual culture of display and observation that relies on the staging of architecture and the city not ‘as’ but ‘for’ the image. This does not concern strictly the building as visual object (Jencks 2006; Brigden 2019),... Read More about Digital commons and architecture's self-image.

#ReconstructionWork: Whose Memorials? (2022)
Presentation / Conference
Sobers, S., & Asante, B. (2022, May). #ReconstructionWork: Whose Memorials?. Presented at #ReconstructionWork, Online

The state backlash against the mass protests for racial justice in June 2020 is well underway. A reaction punctuated by the recent passing of the Police, Crimes and Sentencing Bill, which has increased the maximum penalty for criminal damage to a mem... Read More about #ReconstructionWork: Whose Memorials?.